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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2011

Rico Baldegger
7. April 2012
In 2011, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) conducted its 13th annual survey of the rate and profile of entrepreneurial activity around the globe. GEM interviewed over 140,000 adults (18–64 years of age) in 54 economies, spanning diverse geographies and a range of development levels. Based on this survey, GEM estimated that 388 million entrepreneurs were actively engaged in starting and running new businesses in 2011.

Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey (GUESSS) 2011

Rico Baldegger, Ana-Maria Pavalache
11. October 2011
Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey (GUESSS) is an international research project that investigates the entrepreneurial intentions of students’ worldwide and the effectiveness of university entrepreneurship programs with national/international benchmarking. The project was initiated in 2003 by the Swiss Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (KMU-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen and from 2006, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and SMEs at the HEG Fribourg joined the project as partner for Western Switzerland. The main goals are to identify hurdles and pitfalls when pursuing an entrepreneurial career, enable participating countries to reflect on their students' entrepreneurial spirit, make recommendations for practice and politics and make significant contributions to the scientific community. Data is gathered using an on-line survey developed by the project management with input from renowned US researchers in the field. The survey is conducted every two years. The 2011 project brings together 27 countries and more than 200 universities. The 2011 project brings together 26 different countries, adressing more than 1 Million students from almost 500 Universities across the world.GUESSS website

Entrepreneurship in Switzerland – Visions of the leading parties

Baldegger, R. J., Giunta, G.
12. May 2011
In spring 2011, the students of the Master program in Business Administration (MScBA), Major Entrepreneurship, interviewed the leaders of the four major governing parties on the conditions for Entrepreneurship in Switzerland. The scientific basis for this survey was the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), carried out in 2009 by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & SME in Fribourg.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Switzerland (GEM) 2010

Rico Baldegger, Andreas Brülhart, Patrick Schüffel , Thomas Straub
5. April 2011
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is an international research project that was initiated in 1997 by the London Business School (UK) and Babson College (USA). It examines start-up activities in 60 countries worldwide. HEG Fribourg and its Institute for Entrepreneurship and SMEs has been responsible for the execution of GEM in Switzerland since 2009. Besides a telephone survey which was carried out by the Society of Applied Social Research in Bern, many well recognized national experts (36) were interviewed with regard to the situation of entrepreneurship: for example, Doris Albisser (CEO, CLS Communication AG, Zurich), Konrad Hummler (Managing Partner, Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers, St.Gallen), Patrick Aebischer (Professor and President EPFL, Lausanne), Alain Nicod (Managing Partner, venture incubator, Zug), Hansueli Loosli (Chairman, Executive Board, Coop, Basel) and Stephane Garelli (Professor, International Business School, Lausanne).

Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES) 2010

Rico Baldegger, Hans Baumgartner, Charly Suter, Juan Macavio, Andreas Hungerbühler
22. March 2011
The project “Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES) 2010” was realized by the School of Business Administration Fribourg in collaboration with Dun&Bradstreet and Credit Suisse and analyzed the internationalization process of Swiss SMEs. In total 625 SMEs from all over Switzerland took part in the survey. Results SIES 2010. The survey revealed a strong relation between the degree of internationalization and the size of a company, which means that an increasing company size correlates positively with intensified international activities. Furthermore, the research findings reveal that SMEs in smaller countries show a higher degree of internationalization, mainly due to a limited domestic market. Key target markets for Swiss SMEs abroad are mainly located within Europe (75%), but also in the far-East with China (27%). However particularly strong cooperation exists between the USA, Germany and China, who act as key partners of Swiss SMEs. Internationalization is further related to a strong increase in sales, job creation, the frequent use of e-commerce and an above average innovation capacity.
SIES-2010_EN (707 KB)
SIES-2010_DE (669 KB)
SIES-2010_FR (1.5 MB)
SIES-2010_IT (760 KB)

Regional Entrepreneurship. An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Rico Baldegger, Pierre-André Julien
1. January 2011
The textbook is based on the application of crime case metaphors and treats the interdependencies of proactive enterprises and their economic dynamics in a region. The reciprocity between economically well-developed regions and successful enterprises, as well as their critical success factors are dealt with in more detail in the respective textbook. The fact that the blossoming of small start-ups is dependent on regional circumstances receives special attention in this textbook. A further key focus is placed on the so-called knowledge economy and regional dynamics together with the role of information, networks and innovation. Through numerous examples and based on the application of criminal case metaphors, this textbook is notably aimed at students and academics for business-management courses with a special interest in entrepreneurship and its inherent dynamics. The book is available in German only.

Relève PME

Frank Halter, Rico Baldegger
1. December 2009
The project was carried out by the Center for Family Business (CFB-HSG St. Gallen) in collaboration with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and SME (HEG Fribourg) and investigated the succession of Small & Medium Enterprises in the French and Italian speaking part of Switzerland. It was edited by Relève PME.

Press Release

Lebenslanges Lernen statt nur Rucksack

Rico J. Baldegger
28. January 2016
Lebenslanges Lernen statt nur Rucksack: Trends Wohin führt der Weg für Weiterbildungswillige und Weiterbildungsanbieter? Eine Orientierungshilfe.

Swiss Venture Capital Report 2016

Rico J. Baldegger
1. January 2016
An article about HEG-FR efforts on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at multiple levels, with synergies between teaching, research and development and services.


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