Sebastien Jeanneret

Sébastien Jeanneret holds a master degree in Psychology and an MBA. He worked for several companies in market research in Germany and the USA before joining Philip Morris USA in New York where he worked in Planning and Brand Management functions. In his last positions with Philip Morris, he was responsible for brand management for 3 cigarette brands worldwide (excl. USA). At the beginning of 2006, Sébastien Jeanneret founded DeLafée International in Switzerland. DeLafée develops and commercializes luxury products adorned with 24 carat edible gold. More at
Parallel to the development of DeLafée, he has helped several organizations with their marketing strategy. See more at . Sebastien Jeanneret also teaches marketing at the “Haute Ecole de Gestion” in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
He lives in Neuchatel, Switzerland with his wife and 3 children.


Professor, Mentor


Ventures in Action


s [dot] jeanneret [at] delafee [dot] com


Last Education

MBA (Manhattan University New York)


French, German, English




Entrepreneurship / Innovation and International Entrepreneurship
Innovation Management & Organizational Behaviour
Strategy and Management
Venture Financing, Entrepreneurship, Business Model Innovation
Entrepreneurship Marketing
Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking
Technology Entrepreneurship
Human resources: Learning, Cooperation, Creativity
Intellectual Property
Entrepreneurial Finance
Innovation Factory & Innovation Process
Growth Management
Strategic Management
Organizational Behavior, Human Resources & Entrepreneurship
Marketing and Sales and Business Development
Growth Management
Idea Generation & Business Design
FINTECH Circle Innovate - Digital Ecosystem Director
Entrepreneurship, Ventures in Action, Prerequisite Course


Switcher SA
SeedStars World
Ergoma SA
Amazee Labs
Atizo AG
Venturelab c/o IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen AG
Swisscom Switzerland Ltd.
Perpetual Technology Partners
TR Invest AG and TR Management GmbH
HES-SO / HEG Fribourg
Westiform Group
Snaphaven Inc.
HEC Paris
Swiss Consulting Group, Inc.