Robin Cornelius

After running Switcher for 30 years, Robin Cornelius, a well-known personality in Switzerland, is now Executive President of the Board. It is Robin Cornelius who turned Switcher into what it is today: a leading company in the domain of social responsibility. He will continue to devote himself to the traceability of products and to lead various other projects, such as writing a book. “The consumers in the near future deserve to know under which circumstances a fiber and a product are developed and the stages of the production chain”, explains Robin Cornelius. This traceability and transparency is made possible by the following website: Switcher gives priority to the use of natural and recyclable materials and guarantees respect for the working conditions of all employees throughout the entire production chain. It was in 1981 during his studies in business (HEC) and in Political Sciences at the University of Lausanne that Robin Cornelius hit upon the idea of what was later to become the Switcher brand. It all began with a first collection containing only 2 items: a T-shirt and a sweat shirt. Robin wanted quality products that were colourful and respectful for any family budget.
Awards: Corporate Conscience Awards 2002 Social Accountability International NY, Sustainable Asset Management, Entrepreneur of the year 2005, 2006: Swiss Awards.




robin [dot] cornelius [at] switcher [dot] com


Last Education

Business studies (HEC) at Lausanne University


French, German, English, Swedish




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