Ricardo Gago

“Entrepreneurship enables you to choose the people you want to work with”. Ricardo Gago

After my Bachelor degree, I worked as a Commercial Manager in a local SME where I had the chance to develop important projects in the food delivery industry. After one year, I had the opportunity to join a large multinational company in which I am still actively engaged at 60% as a Solution Delivery Analyst. In the meantime, I am studying for my Master in Business Administration, major in Entrepreneurship. I am convinced that this Master will allow me to make my dreams come true by translating my ideas into actions and by moving forward with my team. If there is still some time left after all this, you will find me singing and playing guitar in my room, which is my way to release the stress of everyday life.

Interests / Values: family, friends, music, sustainable environment, human rights, career development, teamwork


Class of 2017


ricardo [dot] gago [at] master [dot] hes-so [dot] ch


Last Education

Bachelor in Business Administration, major in Management and Business Development


French, Protuguese, English, German