Olivier Schorro

Olivier made his apprenticeship with integrated Professional Baccalaureate as commercial employee at Office de la Circulation et de la Navigation (OCN) Fribourg. Since 2013, Olivier holds a bilingual (German/French) Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurial Strategy and Innovation, Entrepreneurship Competencies, Venture Challenge and Sales & Distribution from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. He wrote his Bachelor about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Communication in SMEs in Fribourg. During his full-time Bachelor he worked part-time as commercial employee at OCN Fribourg. He now works as Scientific Collaborator at the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Small and Medium Size Enterprises at the School of Management Fribourg. He is currently enrolled in the bilingual (English/French) Master of Science HES-SO in Business Administration, Major in Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Growth) at the University of Applied Science and Arts Western Switzerland.


Class of 2015


olivier [dot] schorro [at] hefr [dot] ch


Last Education

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration, School of Management Fribourg


German, French, English




Master Thesis Title

Innovation Management in the Modern Service Sector: The Context of Swiss Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)