Marilyne Pasquier

Now I am contributing to the Institute’s for Entrepreneurship & SMEs projects. I am also a professor of Strategic Management for Bachelor students in the School of Business Administration Fribourg.
My main professional focuses are Strategic Management and teaching. The rule of the human aspect in these two fields interests me quite particulary, because it is value-creating.
A doctoral thesis at the University of Fribourg (2007), the translation in French of the book “Process-based Strategic Planning” by Prof. Dr. R. Grünig and R. Kühn, the writing of several case studies and participating to consulting mandates established my “strategic” focal points.
Mandates for teaching different levels and my experience as Scientific Collaborator at “Service public de l’emploi du canton de Fribourg” founded my “educational” focal points.
My meetings with practitioners, experts and students allowed me to bridge many links between my focal points. Their needs always remain in the center of my concerns.




Strategic Management


marilyne [dot] pasquier [at] hefr [dot] ch

Last Education

Doctorate in strategic management and human resources - University of Fribourg, Switzerland


French, German, English





Entrepreneurship / Innovation and International Entrepreneurship
Innovation Management & Organizational Behaviour
Strategy and Management
Venture Financing, Entrepreneurship, Business Model Innovation
Entrepreneurship Marketing
Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking
Technology Entrepreneurship
Human resources: Learning, Cooperation, Creativity
Intellectual Property
Ventures in Action
Entrepreneurial Finance
Innovation Factory & Innovation Process
Growth Management
Organizational Behavior, Human Resources & Entrepreneurship
Marketing and Sales and Business Development
Growth Management
Idea Generation & Business Design
FINTECH Circle Innovate - Digital Ecosystem Director
Entrepreneurship, Ventures in Action, Prerequisite Course