Isabelle Maitre

I am a positive, dynamic and curious woman. I am not afraid of getting involved with something eccentric. On the opposite, I think that life has to be challenging, that you should dare and never hesitate.
I admit I am not the most hard-working person, nor can I say I am the best, but when I get involved with something, nothing can stop me. I know I will probably make mistakes, but the positive side is that I will learn from them and therefore, I will improve. So never give up, no matter what.
With this Master I saw a real opportunity for me to increase my entrepreneurial knowledge. So let's begin to learn and act like an entrepreneur for the next two years!
Finally never forgive that : "You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down” C. Chaplin


Class of 2017


isabelle [dot] maitre [at] master [dot] hes-so [dot] ch

Last Education

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration


French, English, German