Fabiano Di Tomaso

In Spring 2010, Fabiano Di Tomaso has completed the fourth semester of a MSc in Business Administration, with major in Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Growth), at the School of Business Administration Fribourg. He is currently in Shanghai, as academic intern by swissnex China (an annex of the Swiss Consulate General) with a 50% employment contract until end of June 2011. The remaining 50% of the time is used to take the last step in order to obtain his Master: to write the master thesis, which is going to cover the internationalization of companies operating in the “clean technologies” sector, already settled or planning to enter the Chinese market.
Compared to most of the Master students, Fabiano has got a quiet technical background, since he started as a computer scientist apprentice in his hometown of Ticino and became Information Technology HES Engineer in 2007 (BFH, HTI Biel/Bienne). During the Master studies he was employed 70% by IBM Switzerland in Lausanne, where he has been offered a new contract as a regular employee, started in January 2011. As part of a Project Management Office, his areas of competence are mainly related to IT project management, supporting project managers especially in handling financial aspects related to their projects.
His job and his passion for foreign cultures kept him busy during the last year, where he joined a Group Study Exchange to Malaysia (offered by Rotary International) and pursued the chance to go to China in order to finalize his master thesis and gain a personal enrichment from such an experience. Moreover, he encourages engineers to apply to the entrepreneurship program as he thinks that ”this master literally opens your strict/analytical mind: instead of being closely focused on the pure "problem-solving", you can have a broader perspective of things, understanding how technology can be transferred to market, and above all figure out how exciting is to be an entrepreneur, which is something you cannot imagine with an engineer's mindset.”


Class of 2010, Alumni


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Last Education

MSc in BA, Major in Entrepreneurship, School of Business Administration Fribourg (HEG-FR)


Italian, French, English