Christoph Rohrer

During my bachelor studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Berne, I worked in different fields of marketing and communication.
I have been employed in the financial sector since 2010, which allows me to broaden my professional horizons and to gain a different perspective on the business world as such. Apart from my job and studies I am passionate about playing soccer and traveling the world. For the near future I would like to seize the opportunity to work abroad and gain invaluable experience in an international environment and to simultaneously improve my language skills. My medium-term vision is to start-up my own company and to put my acquired knowledge into practice.


Class of 2012, Student


christoph [dot] rohrer [at] master [dot] hes-so [dot] ch


Last Education

Bachelor of Science in BA, University of Applied Science in Bern


German, French, English



Master Thesis Title

Analysieren der Erfolgsfaktoren von Born Globals und Ausarbeitung eines innovativen Beratungskonzepts für die Osec