Christophe Rieder

Christophe Rieder is a high-school teacher of Economics and studies Educational Sciences at the SFIVET Institute in Switzerland. He is currently launching BetterStudy (, an e-learning platform in Accounting which is designed to help students prepare for their exams in a more efficient manner. Christophe has been working for several years in the private banking sector in Geneva, mainly as a Junior Relationship Manager for BNP Paribas Wealth Management (Suisse) SA. During his Master degree, he spent a semester in Hangzhou (China) where he wrote his Master's Thesis in partnership with Zhejiang University. His recreational activities include music, chess and traveling.


Class of 2010, Alumni


riederchristophe [at] gmail [dot] com


Last Education

MSc in BA, Major in Entrepreneurship, School of Business Administration Fribourg (HEG-FR)


French, English, German, Vietnamese


Switzerland, France

Master Thesis Title

External Knowledge Acquisition of Young Internationalized Knowledge-intensive Firms: A Qualitative Study Comparing Swiss and Chinese firms