Carlos DaSilva

Carlos DaSilva’s experience in tech-entrepreneurship and the start-up ecosystem is widespread. He is the country-wide Director of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute program in Portugal. The Founder Institute is the world’s largest Technology entrepreneur training and start-up launch program born in Silicon Valley, with over 1200 companies founded across 6 continents. Furthermore, he is a Founder and shareholder in over 10 start-up companies. Dr. DaSilva held the positions of Visiting Scholar and Lecturer for the MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management (F.T. #1 for International Business in the World) and at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He is also the author of “Entrepreneurial Finance: A Global Perspective”, a practical book for entrepreneurs and investors published by SAGE, and has published in A+ ranking Journals. He is presently a Professor at the HEG School of Management in Switzerland. His network of contacts spreads from Silicon Valley to Europe, being his international exposure a strong asset for anyone seeking international expansion. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D. in Technology Management & Entrepreneurship, he launched a NGO in Africa and worked for several years in international business development at an Eastern European Online start-up venture that was recently acquired by a large multinational.


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Venture Financing, Entrepreneurship, Business Model Innovation


carlos [dot] dasilva [at] hefr [dot] ch


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PhD Technology Management & Entrepreneurship


French, English, Portuguese, Spanish





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