Aline Besse

After I obtained the diploma in commerce, I have studied for a year at the University of Wisconsin in Richland Center, USA. In 2008, I started the school of business administration first in Fribourg, then in Wallis with an exchange semester in the HTW Berlin. After graduating, I did an Internship year at the Federal Electricity Commission in Bern. I am currently working for the Axa Winterthur in Lausanne and started the Master in Entrepreneurship this September. Thanks to those experiences in different areas and places, I had the chance to meet a lot of inspiring people who shared with me their culture, knowledge and vision. I think this Master will give me some similar opportunities and allow me to have a wider vision of the business world.


Class of 2014


aline [dot] besse [at] master [dot] hes-so [dot] ch


Last Education

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration, HES-SO Valais Sierre


French, German, English



Master Thesis Title

Concept d’enseignement de l’entrepreneuriat au niveau du primaire et du secondaire I