Alfred Münger

With over 25 years experience in logistics, purchasing and production Alfred has broad knowledge of the Supply Chain. The optimized usage of resources during the production & manufacturing process deserve the attention of all participants along the value chain. Managing the supply chain becomes under the aspect of limited resources and expected “un”limited growth more important in the area of manufacturing. Working in different industrial environments (telecom, automotive supplier, precious metals industry - supplier to the watch industry - and domestic & international transport of valuable cargo) Alfred had the opportunity to get an inside view, how the supply chain is applied in different ways. It was his task in the companies he worked for to find solutions to optimize the work flow and to get more process oriented and lean structures.




muengera [at] bluewin [dot] ch

Last Education

Degree in Business Administration (HWV Berne)


Entrepreneurship / Innovation and International Entrepreneurship
Innovation Management & Organizational Behaviour
Strategy and Management
Venture Financing, Entrepreneurship, Business Model Innovation
Entrepreneurship Marketing
Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking
Technology Entrepreneurship
Human resources: Learning, Cooperation, Creativity
Intellectual Property
Ventures in Action
Entrepreneurial Finance
Innovation Factory & Innovation Process
Growth Management
Strategic Management
Organizational Behavior, Human Resources & Entrepreneurship
Marketing and Sales and Business Development
Growth Management
Idea Generation & Business Design
FINTECH Circle Innovate - Digital Ecosystem Director
Entrepreneurship, Ventures in Action, Prerequisite Course