Alexandre Gauthier

My passion has always been technology, so I followed telecommunications courses at the engineering school in Fribourg. After obtaining my diploma, I worked for four years in an IT services company in Lausanne. There, I met people who had experience in entrepreneurship. Together, in 2004, 5 of us started our own company in Fribourg named Tebicom. At first, I wasn't really aware of the potential of being an entrepreneur and that's why I did a Master in entrepreneurship, to go beyond an engineer’s way of thinking. Nowadays, I realize that being an engineer and an economist is powerful. Tebicom now has 23 employees and is still growing. Our next step would be to open a branch office. This subject was part of my Master thesis. Title master thesis: Stratégie de croissance des PME. To finish, I would say that the most important thing in being an entrepreneur is to have fun.


Class of 2010, Alumni


alexandre [dot] gauthier [at] tebicom [dot] ch


Last Education

MSc in BA, Major in Entrepreneurship, School of Business Administration Fribourg (HEG-FR)


French, English


Swiss, French

Master Thesis Title

Statégie de croissance des PME