Adrian Schneider

Adrian Schneider has a very diverse educational background. Not only did he obtained the license to teach from the teacher training college in Bern, but also a bilingual degree (French and German) in Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg. Adrian passed his studies part-time and was awarded the academic degree of Business Economist FH. In order to enhance his understanding of business and especially entrepreneurship he enrolled in the bilingual (French and English) Entrepreneurship Master Program at the University of Western Switzerland from which he graduated in 2010. Besides his studies he worked as a teacher at primary schools and advanced to an employment as a scientific collaborator at an international SME during his master studies. Thanks to an opportunity to take part in a traineeship program at a management consultant company he gained hands-on international experience in consulting. Nevertheless, Adrian decided to change the industry and is currently employed as project-manager in HR, where he is in charge of organizational reorganization and the development of a HR controlling system.


Class of 2010, Alumni


privat [dot] schneidera [at] gmail [dot] com


Last Education

MSc in BA, Major in Entrepreneurship, School of Business Administration Fribourg (HEG-FR)


German, English, French