Apply for the Master Program in Entrepreneurship (Innovation & Growth)

Your benefits at a glance

  • 1

    Learn from entrepreneurs

    Our professors don't just talk business, they do business. The Master Program will give you the chance to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and managers from Switzerland and abroad.

  • 2

    Get that theory

    There is nothing more practical than a good theory. Enjoy lectures, courses and workshops with an international team of experts in Finance, Operations, Marketing, Innovation, and more.

  • 3

    Connect internationally

    A globalized world demands intercultural competence and an international network. Join the Master Program in Fribourg and meet students and staff from all around the world.

  • 4

    Practice 3 languages

    Lessons are held in English. The school is located in Fribourg, the crossroads between the French- and the German- speaking parts of Switzerland.

  • 5

    Experience Switzerland

    Innovation and precision drive the Swiss economy. The Master Program will give you access to leading companies and innovators. Head in to learn hands on.

  • Your Master's Degree (MSc)

    Don't expect it to be easy, but look forward to a successful career. Apply for the Master Program

    Important dates

    Next Master Program starting 22 September 2016, Thursday Apply