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IP & Entrepreneurship Forum

Bern, KornhausforumWhat roles do brand, patent, design and IP laws play for entreprises? The conference on 14th April takes a closer look at all these top current questions related to IP, will point out possible issues and raise awareness of typical mistakes in practice.View archive

Information Session Fribourg

Fribourg, School of Business AdministrationJoin the management team that reflects the development of an international company. Exercise a responsible position in the new product and market research department. Strive for innovation in a new company in order to create value and promote employment. As a bank executive or trustee you can advise SME managers or managers of a family business on how to deal with their development. And maybe one day start your own business. If you imagine your growth in this type of work environment, we have the perfect training: Master of Science in Business Administration HES-SO, Option Entrepreneurship (Innovation & Growth)View archive

Media Conference SIES

Zürich, OsecAt this conference, the results of the “Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES) 2010” project were presented. The project was realized by the School of Business Administration Fribourg in collaboration with Dun&Bradstreet and Credit Suisse and analyzed the internationalization process of Swiss SMEs. In total 625 SMEs from all over Switzerland took part in the survey.View archive

Swiss Internet Marketing Day

Fribourg, Auditory E. Gremaud, Ecole d'ingénieurs et d'archtitects de FribourgInternet marketing has the potential to revolutionize our daily marketing. Its impact, success, and overall efficiency are easier to measure than traditional offline media. It is also less expensive and allows any company to reach a wide audience. But what does this mean for our customers or for us as marketers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs? Where are we today in terms of new Internet tools? What impact can Internet marketing have on our sales performance and on our existing and future customers?View archive