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Cleantech Day

Fribourg, School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg Mr. Beat Vonlanthen, director of the economy and employment in the canton of Fribourg, Haute Ecole de Gestion de Fribourg, Cleantech Fribourg and the School of Engineering and Architecture are pleased to invite you to a meeting of Cleantech representatives. On this day you will have the opportunity to meet with various companies and investors in the Cleantech field and participate in workshops.View archive

ASO CAMPUS evening

Fribourg, Hôtel NHThe event is organized to celebrate 20 years of School of Business Administration (HEG) Fribourg. Mandatory online registration until 27 June 2011 at the following address: archive

Swiss Innovation and Trend Day

Fribourg, Auditory E. Gremaud, Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de FribourgThe 10th of June, HEG Fribourg hosts the 2nd edition of the Swiss Innovation & Trend Day, a successful event that last year brought together more than 250 participants – students, employees and Top Management responsibles. Innovation, like many business functions, is a management process that requires specific tools, rules, and discipline. True innovation is a risky business. When most managers say they want “innovation”, what they really mean is “renovation”. In other words, improving upon an already tried and tested idea. But these familiar corporate restructuring and cost-cutting measures will never deliver growth on their own. A willingness to innovate, to recognize the value of accurate trend analysis – both are essential to achieve aggressive top-line growth, and increase bottom-line results. True innovation requires more than just ideas. Such insights must be put into action in order to make a difference to processes within the organization, or the products or services it provides. The benefits of each innovation are always temporary. This is why it is vital to implement a culture of innovation for sustainable corporate development.View archive

Become a Social Entrepreneur

Lausanne, ProvenceFinding the optimum balance between profitability of the company and its social utility is what motivates a growing number of entrepreneurs. There are many examples around the world which show that it is possible to both efficiently produce goods and services useful to the community and to achieve economical performance. Finance and micro-credit, fair trade, cultural production, sustainable construction, environmental management, cleantech and green energy are just some examples of areas where it is possible to find companies not quite like any other. Applied over the long term and guided by strong values, they open the door to new opportunities for a sustainable economy. This "First" is organized by HES-SO. It provides an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who have already made this step.View archive

Information Session Geneva

Carouge (Geneva), School of Business Administration (HEG) Geneva Join the management team that reflects the development of an international company. Exercise a responsible position in the new product and market research department. Strive for innovation in a new company in order to create value and promote employment. As a bank executive or trustee you can advise SME managers or managers of a family business on how to deal with their development. And maybe one day start your own business. If you imagine your growth in this type of work environment, we have the perfect training: Master of Science in Business Administration HES-SO, Option Entrepreneurship (Innovation & Growth)View archive