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20th anniversary School of Business Administration Fribourg

1700 Fribourg, Auditory E. Gremaud, Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de FribourgThe School of Business Administration in Fribourg celebrates the 20th anniversary this year. This event offers not only the occasion to celebrate, but also to take a look at the development of the school from which every year approximately 200 students graduate from. At the same time this event also grants the opportunity to thank key people involved in the development of the school and that contributed largely to the school's success and its status it has achieved up to today. For this event all students and alumni from the bachelor, master, EMBA and CAS program of the School of Business Administration together with all professors and personnel and guests who are associated with the prosperous evolution of the school, are cordially invited to participate in this event. It is imperative to take occasionally a look at the roots of this school and to be aware of the stages of development it passed through as this is an integral part of the culture at the School of Business Administration Fribourg and reflects the value and appreciation for the diplomas handed out to students upon successful graduation. At the same time this event allows Mr. Lucien Wuillemin (Director of the School of Business Administration Fribourg), who has been committed to the school over the last 20 years, to say his personal good byes.View archive

Study Trip USA 2011

Worcester & Boston, WPI & SwissnexThe Entrepreneurship-Students will go to a field trip to the United States of America (Worcester and Boston). Why the Northeast of the USA? The Northeast is a wealthy area with highly developed microelectronics, computer and biotech industries and with more than a few prestigious educational institutions. Together with California it is the most popular harbor for Swiss ventures exploring the American continent. And the greater Boston region ranks within the TOP-5 regions with the highest Creativity Index scores of the United States.View archive

Kick-off 2011: MSc. in Business Administration - Major in Entrepreneurship

Fribourg, Auberge aux 4 vents Entrepreneurship is a mindset that is frequently associated with innovation and growth. Successful entrepreneurship is a cohesive process of planning, idea development, creativity and risk-taking. The main reasons for studying entrepreneurship are to create entrepreneurial awareness, to develop analytical and creative skills, and to encourage students to transform themselves into entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial employees.View archive

Training and Entrepreneurship 2011

Valais, Hotel Park (site IdeArk) & HES-SO Valais (site TechnoArk)This meeting aims to: (1) Bring together scholars, teachers, coaches and researchers in training, to supervise and promote entrepreneurship within higher education; (2) Share skills, expertise and content related to entrepreneurship education.View archive

Relève PME 2011

Bulle, Halles Sottas SAThe National Day on Business Succession. In Switzerland, one out of two entrepreneurs is over 55 years old. More than 77,000 SMEs will have to plan their succession by 2013. This demonstrates the importance of the subject. Relève PME is a non-profit association with the main objective of raising awareness among managers regarding business succession. In partnership with kmuNEXT and Futuro PMI, Relève PME is establishing a national day on this topic. Due to its specialization in entrepreneurship and SMEs, School of Business Administration in Fribourg is also a partner. This event aims to gather and inform not only the entrepreneurs who may take over a company, but also all those concerned with this topic.View archive