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blueFACTORY Boot Camp 2012. Where the market meets the brains

Fribourg, The blueFACTORY challenge is a Fribourg initiative to equip students with the resources they need to become entrepreneurs. The world is filled with great ideas. But only a few become reality. The blueFACTORY Boot Camp trains smart guys to translate ideas into business ventures and qualify for the blueFACTORY Challenge. The winners will be prepared, trained and supported financially to compete in the Boston MassChallenge (, the world’s largest start-up competition-accelerator program.View archive

Summer School 2012. Discovering Entrepreneurship & Innovation across cultures

Fribourg, Haute Ecole de Gestion de FribourgThe Institute for Entrepreneurship in Fribourg, ( Switzerland is offering a Business Summer School featuring an intensive program of specialized studies in international entrepreneurship, together with innovation and technology, in a multicultural environment. This program focuses on MA students from five different countries, (Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, France & Switzerland) who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement. These students will have the opportunity to study Swiss national companies as well as multinational companies based in Switzerland.View archive

Swiss Innovation & Trend Day

Fribourg, Auditoire E. Gremaud, Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de FribourgThis is already the third edition of the Swiss Innovation & Trend Day in Fribourg – an opportunity for participants to learn, through practical presentations, how design can give their business a competitive edge. In our working lives, we often take design for granted. Practically all the objects which surround us and all the services that we use have been designed. Design lends meaning to material objects. Design enables a product to become an article of mass consumption or, at the other extreme, to see its value enhanced. Just as objects can be elegant, elegant, ingenious, witty or sophisticated, so too they may be crude, banal or even malicious. But design likewise extends to processes, business models and even corporate cultures. In the final analysis, design is also the key to innovation and trends. The Innovation & Trend Fair, held before and after the series of presentations, is an opportunity for you to establish further valuable contacts and get to know companies and their concepts. Swiss Innovation & Trend Day 2012 provides inspiring inputs for your business!View archive

Swiss Internet Marketing Day 2012

CH-1705 Fribourg, Auditory E. Gremaud, Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de FribourgThe third edition of the Swiss Internet Marketing day will be characterized by social media. As media such as Facebook and Twitter have been part of our private lives since quite some time, they are beginning to attract the interest of more and more companies. Customers show increased expectations of the network and exchange, third party information becomes more and more important, leading ultimately to companies gradually losing control over the media and thus over their advertising. What are the benefits for enterprises in being present on social media? How does one communicate successfully over Twitter? Is it sufficient that a product has the most “Likes” on Facebook? How does advertising become interactive? And how can we communicate favorably with our community on web 2.0? Numerous questions on the use of social media demand the response of competent experts. In its new edition, the Swiss Internet Marketing Day of Fribourg offers practical first-hand knowledge. Through captivating presentations the participants will learn more about social media and web 2.0 and have a chance to forge fruitful contacts during the aperitif. For the first time, the upcoming event will be accompanied by a forum, the Innovation and Trend Fair. One hour before the commencement of the presentations as well as during the aperitif foreseen for the end of the day, visitors can discover various companies as well as their marketing concept. The Swiss Internet Marketing day 2012 will impart essential inputs for the future of your company!View archive

Knowledge combining entrepreneurship and creativity: a winning formula?

1700 Fribourg, Auditoire G140Though marginal in the past, the creativity is increasingly in demand by the traditional industries for their ability to innovate and differentiate themselves. Grey matter is no longer applied solely to the scientific or technological domains but also lends itself to entrepreneurs in the service sector. What if Switzerland were even more rich in creativity than in chocolate, watches, or tourism? And what if creativity and desire to undertake would now be merged on a daily basis? For a better understanding, the HEG Fribourg, Swiss school of reference in entrepreneurship, has chosen to devote a case study to the success of the company Creaholic in Bienne and it’s founder, Elmar Mock. This conference is organized to mark the occasion of its publication. The event it is organized with the support of the HEG Fribourg as well as the help of students in their first year of their Master in Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Entrepreneurship & SMEs of the HEG Fribourg. Welcome to all those who wish to leave the beaten track and discover their entrepreneurial creativity!View archive