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Summer School 2013. Discovering Entrepreneurship & Innovation across cultures

Fribourg, Haute Ecole de Gestion de FribourgThe Institute for Entrepreneurship in Fribourg, ( Switzerland is offering a Business Summer School featuring an intensive program of specialized studies in international entrepreneurship, together with innovation and technology, in a multicultural environment. This program focuses on MA students from five different countries, (Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, France & Switzerland) who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement. These students will have the opportunity to study Swiss national companies as well as multinational companies based in Switzerland.View archive

Innovation Club Event: Ideation session

Fribourg, Room 426 (4th floor) of the HEG/Geography buildingThe Innovation Club is the recently launched initiative where you can learn how to pursue your innovation dreams, kick around ideas with other dynamic people and (hopefully) make neat things happen. It is the place where engineers and technical students give great inputs and technical know-how to business students looking for "something to sell", and business students share basic skills in how to market and sell a solution to the techy ones. We meet, we exchange, we learn and we innovate. In short: it's where you meet other cool people who are not necessarily in class with you at this moment, but can help you go a long way in your future. In order to make next year's program as exciting as possible, we need your input. So come and tell us what kind of events you would love to have next year.View archive

Need some help to get ready for VentureIdeas 2013 @ Fribourg?

Fribourg, HEG-FR, room 426Not quite ready for VentureIdeas 2013 @ Fribourg? The INNOVATION CLUB can help you turn your ideas into winning pitches! DO YOU: have a great idea that you want to present at VentureIdeas? still need some help to transform your idea into a catchy value proposition? need some practice for the successful pitching of your winning idea? seek for partners that would like to join your team? just want to meet interesting people and have a fun time? YES!!! then join us on.View archive

Coffee, Croissants and Entrepreneurship

Fribourg, Auditory E. Gremaud, Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de FribourgAfter the event of 26th February 2013, "The health of entrepreneurs. Is this subject taboo?", we invite you for an entrepreneurial networking session at the School of Management Fribourg. If you enjoy talking about entrepreneurship and with entrepreneurs in an pleasant environment you are welcome to join us. Coffee and croissants are free.View archive

The health of entrepreneurs. Is this subject taboo?

Lausanne, HES-SO//MASTERTo be a founder or manager means, on one hand, choosing independence, an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to face new challenges, responsibilities, etc. On the other hand, it means overwork, late hours which conflict with private life, stress, loneliness at work, uncertainty, pressure ... In the long term this situation can affect the health of the leader, but the leader cannot be sick. He or she must be (or appear to be) healthy, because the health of the company depends on it.View archive